Xanax Drug Detox

Xanax Drug Detox: When Xanax Is Prescribed?

Xanax is a prescription medication that is classified as a benzodiazepine. A benzodiazepine is a specific form of prescription medication that is a depressant and works to provide a sedation or hypnosis effect. Due to Xanax being a benzodiazepine, it is an ideal medication to be used to treat symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, panic disorder, or insomnia. The sedative effects of this medication help to minimize the onset of symptoms for these disorders and allow you to stabilize your emotions and mental state to improve the quality of your daily life. However, if addiction sets in, a Xanax drug detox may be needed to overcome the dependence.

Xanax is prescribed to patients to be taken in an oral tablet or pill form. The dosage that will be prescribed will depend on your physician’s recommendation. Your doctor will recommend a specific dose depending on your specific history with Xanax and the severity of your symptoms from your co-occurring disorder. Typically, the more severe your symptoms are, the higher your dose of Xanax will be to mitigate the severity of your symptoms. No matter which dose you take, your doctor will continue to monitor your use of Xanax to ensure that it is effective and safe. 

Is Xanax Addictive?

Xanax can be an effective method of treating co-occurring disorders of anxiety, panic disorder, or insomnia. However, Xanax is considered to be a schedule IV drug which means it is used for medicinal purposes but has an increased risk of becoming addictive when it is misused or abused. Xanax is considered to be one of the most addictive benzodiazepine medications due to it being a fast-acting benzodiazepine. This means that when you take Xanax, it creates a quick, big change within your brain that can create a strong response that can become highly addictive when you continuously use or abuse it. As you engage in regular use of Xanax, your body and brain become physically dependent on this benzodiazepine to be able to function throughout each day. If you attempt to quit your use of Xanax cold turkey, you will experience the onset of withdrawal symptoms that can be unpleasant or uncomfortable. Once a dependency on Xanax has occurred, you must have medical supervision and guidance to quit using Xanax safely. 

Xanax Drug Detox: 15 Withdrawal Symptoms

Your detox process from Xanax will be unique to you and dependent on your specific history of Xanax abuse. Withdrawal symptoms from Xanax will range in severity from mild to severe depending on the severity of your Xanax use. Common withdrawals symptoms that you may experience during your detox process are: 

  1. Anxiety 
  2. Panic attacks 
  3. Challenges with sleep or changes in sleep patterns 
  4. Excessive sweating 
  5. Feelings of general discomfort 
  6. Loss or change of appetite 
  7. Having a sensation of being detached from your body 
  8. Tremors 
  9. Hypersensitivity to light, sounds, or touch
  10. Abnormal sensations 
  11. Hyperventilation 
  12. Muscle spasms 
  13. Psychosis
  14. Hallucinations 
  15. Seizures 

Additionally, it is important to note that prolonged use of benzodiazepines such as Xanax can lead to difficulties with memory and cognition.  Research has been conducted that has proven that even after ending your use of Xanax, these cognitive challenges may continue throughout your detox process. While you experience Xanax withdrawal symptoms, you must have ongoing supervision and monitoring from healthcare professionals to ensure that your overall physical and mental health is maintained and safe throughout your detox process.

Drug Detox for XanaxHow Does Drug Detox Work for Xanax?

Xanax withdrawal has the potential to cause significant withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable and, in some cases, may be dangerous for your overall health and well-being. It is highly recommended that if you are undergoing a Xanax detox do so within a medical detox program that will enable you to have consistent medical supervision and guidance throughout your drug detox process. 

When you participate in a drug detox process for Xanax, you will be invited to reside within the treatment facility where you will have access to addiction therapists and a highly trained medical team that will ensure your safety and comfort are maintained throughout your healing process. Due to the physical dependence that is established throughout your Xanax abuse, it is dangerous for someone to quit their use of Xanax cold turkey. When you quit Xanax cold turkey, it places you at a higher risk of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms such as seizures or psychosis. During your drug detox process, you will be invited to participate in a slow tapering-off process where you will gradually reduce the amount of Xanax that you are taking to allow your body to gradually become accustomed to functioning without the presence of Xanax in your system. During a gradual tapering off, it helps to reduce the risk of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms and will maintain your overall safety and well-being throughout your detox process. 

Drug Detox Xanax: Is Rehab Necessary After Detox?

Your addiction progresses over time for reasons unique to you. To heal from your addiction effectively, you must provide ample time to undergo addiction treatment methods. A drug detox process is the first step in your addiction recovery process. To obtain long-term sobriety and maintain addiction recovery, you must take the time to explore what has been underneath your addictive behaviors with the support of addiction therapy methods. It is rare to find someone that intends to develop an addiction. Most addictions develop over a period of time due to underlying emotions and traumas that have influenced your ability to manage stressors or triggers resulting in you turning to substances as a method of self-medicating and coping. Attending a drug rehab program after detox will allow you the time you need to participate in addiction therapy processes that will focus on healing from the root causes of your addictive behaviors while also enlightening you about various coping strategies that you can use to overcome triggers and maintain long-term sobriety. A drug rehab program enables you to set a new foundation in life that will allow you to feel confident in your ability to live a sober and healthy lifestyle. 

Xanax Drug Detox: TruPath’s Network of Facilities Can Help

If you are ready to begin the healing process of addressing your addiction to Xanax and begin exploring what has been driving your addictive behaviors all along, the team at TruPath is here to support you in every step of your recovery journey. Healing from addiction requires a comprehensive treatment plan that factors in your individual circumstances and goals for addiction recovery. Patients within our recovery center are offered a continuum of care that will support them in every phase of their recovery process including drug detox, inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, and aftercare programs that will ensure you will have long-lasting success in sobriety. As you heal from your past of addiction, our team will provide you with opportunities to develop the life skills and tools for relapse prevention that will allow you to establish a new way of life that fosters sober living, balanced physical and mental health, and stability. You have what it takes to heal from addiction and our team is waiting to hear from you to get you started on your road to recovery today. Call us today at (888) 292-1933 to speak with our admission team and get started on your Xanax recovery journey now. 

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