Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

Signs and Symptoms of Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

Alcohol and drug abuse treatment and recovery is often not a straight path for someone who may have other underlying physical or mental health issues.  Many types of mental health disorders are experienced by individuals also struggling with addiction. Addiction and mental health issues commonly occur together.  There are specific mental disorders that commonly occur…

Things Sober People Do for Fun

9 Things Sober People Do for Fun

Importance of Finding Sober-Friendly Activities After Rehab One of the concerns that many people have as they work through different addiction treatments revolves around what they will do to fill their time once they are done with treatment. Whereas their life may have once been filled with going to happy hours or drinking with friends…

How is life after rehab

How is Life after Rehab?

While your time in drug and alcohol rehab was highly structured and organized for you, life back in the real world looks very different and all responsibility is on you to manage your substance abuse disorder. It can be scary thinking about adjusting to life sober which is filled with many “what ifs”. However, there…